I can’t tell you how impressed I was at the turnout, the process, and the results of last night’s Marketing Sparks! The first of many I hope.

Babs Carryer | Director of Education & Outreach at Innovation Institute, University of Pittsburgh

big-idea-resized-large The startups were the four winners of the Randall Family Big Idea Competition from the University of Pittsburgh’s Innovation Institute: Phizzbo, SolarCell, PathMeT, Magnesium Ring

Michele Fabrizi, Kevin O’Connell and Babs Carryer discuss the event with Bill Flanagan of the Allegheny Conference on Community Development

ZNm_l-egZVuF_wsexHTR4-ahoT4ptOtE0KcyTNzrxSo,bIz9ZAN2MhsKAbQCGH_xrxlpRsTDLyf62YAxzJSbJl0 MARC USA Chief Innovation Officer Chris Heitmann leads the SolarCell discussion

1R2RLY5GaQ4KHaLdYp0TO7GGZOJkZxpLVFMS9Qmv3-E,6NkHmP4c2dbDTQN1jtK3FqcNNJa0fC0EJzoI23V7NFg Eric Sinagra of PathMeT

vzEdT6-ehkIFsGvDaJoKumHYhx1mXKOVGDqgGIrA2DI Phizzbo’s CEO, Doug Hilling

the-exposed-brick-contrasts-nicely-with-the-bright-google-colors The event was graciously hosted by Google Pittsburgh.